One year ago

One year ago today I was whole, I was shattered but I was whole. OK so I am still whole, I only miss my leg occasionally. Meowmy wanted to acknowledge that one year ago today I went to sleep with 4 legs and woke up with 3.

9 days before I was found in a driveway with all the skin ripped off of my leg. I had crawled up into something called a car because it was warm and I thought safe, until it attacked me. I was taken to a vet who worked for 9 days to save my leg, but it was dying so they took it off.

I don’t miss my leg too much, except when my shoulder on that side itches. I can outrun all the other critters here and Meowmy made me some stuff so I can climb up where I can’t jump.

I’m a happy kitty and I just want everyone to know that just because a critter may not be what you consider “Whole” they are not missing pieces.








2 thoughts on “One year ago”

  1. Ohhhhhhh my goodness!!! These pnotos are BRILLIANT!!

    I love the “dancing” ones! Lizzy MUST apply for “Dancing With The Stars”! She would win hands down, especiallyis Max was her partner!

    The one where she’s resting with her paws crossed is soooo sweet! Such a beautiful kitty!

    Your photos have absolutely made everyone smile:-) 🙂 Lizzy is “livng the life” and showing the world the joy of being a tripawd…….a very, very loved tripawd!

    HAPPY AMPUVERSARY LIZZY! We’re celebrating over here with a little peanut butter and jelly dance…..and sandwich!

    Keep on dancing to our own joyous tune Lizzy! You are ADORABLE!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. I know that it’s belated, but hoppy ampuversary! and thank you so much for sharing your story and for giving other kitties facing the same seemingly-horrible situation hope that life is purrrfectly fine on three legs!

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