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A Blind Eye and a Tripod

A Tripawd kitty and her friends

A Blind Eye and a Tripod


April 8th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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I have had cats and dogs (as well as other critters) all of my life. This experience has shown me how to read facial expressions on both dogs and cats. Admittedly some have more expressive faces than others, especially cats. I have had very few cats that have a large variety of facial expressions, dogs are generally more expressive.
When I acquired Sugar, my Maine Coon, I thought he had an expressive face. Teddy (my one eyed cat) only has 2 expressions, lazy and alert. But Honey can say more in an expression than I have seen on any animal other than my dogs.
I began to realize her different expressions when she comes up to me and I can tell where she itches. I have been trained to realize if she is wanting to play, be petted or just be lifted to a surface. I guess the most blatant example of her “speaking” through a look happened the other day. Honey was on her perch watching something outside when my mom decided to goose her. As she was hanging off of the side of her bed she gave my mom a look that told everyone what she thought of that trick. I have to admit that she re-gained her perch before I quit laughing.


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