Returning here!

It’s been several years since I lost my first tripod, Honey, she was an awesome cat.  I still have Sully, Tripawd kitty, and Teddy, my one eyed kitty and I just added a Tripawd puppy to my house. He’s a little darling thing with ears that express every range of his emotions.

Sully (Tripawd Tabby) and Teddy

As a quick recap, Sully and Ted are fine. Teddy still has his issues and health weaknesses and I don’t expect him to survive for another year, but he’s still happy. Sully is normal kitty, he really is kinda a ”typical” cat type of personality. To introduce myself, I am Kelly, and I share my house with my mom. Between the two of us we have 6 cats and 3 dogs. In February of this year I lost my dog to prostate cancer, the other two dogs are moms so I was wanting one of my own. I’ve never had a “lap dog” of my own as I’ve always had bigger dogs that think they are lap dogs.  Mom has a little terrier mix,


Daisy,  that we got through a rescue that took her out of a kill shelter. Takoda is a Collie/Cocker mix that was sibling to my dog Pardner that passed.

Anyway, enough rambling. I have returned to this site to introduce the newest member of our household. A couple weeks after Pard passed I was wanting a dog so I started browsing petfinder. I work night shift and sometimes at work I have time to brows the internet. One day while sleeping I had a dream that I was holding a little brown dog that was missing his left front leg. That night while on petfinder I came across a little brown dog missing his left front leg. I think I scared my coworker because I gasped so loudly, it was the dog I had dreamed of. Of course I put in the application immediately.  I went through the rescues photos and learned that he had been found in mid-December as a 4-6 week old puppy with his paw crushed. It took them 2 months to get him healed and healthy enough to amputate, they amputated the same day I had put my dog down.

As rescues are they were busy and it took a few weeks to get approved but the petfinder profile had said he would come up to my area in April, with no specific date. I needed to take some time off from work so, gambling, I took 2 weeks off in the middle of April. Fortunately we were able to schedule transport for late March.

He’s been here 3 weeks now and has settled in expertly. I’ve named him Joey because he looks like a baby kangaroo. He’s a clever, cuddly, pesky little doll who is just now learning how to be a puppy.