Rest in Peace Honey

My dear Honey went into congestive heart failure today, I’m going to miss her terribly.pizap.com13559901766871 pinetime PBJDanceHoneyExpressions

6 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Honey”

  1. Sorry for your loss. Honey was a beautiful, expressive soul and had a wonderful caregiver and friend. You have some beautiful pictures to remind you of all the wonderful times you had together. RIP Honey.

  2. Noooo! Honey, I can’t believe it, my heart just broke when I saw this post. I am so very sorry, you just seemed like such a kid, it’s hard to believe that you are gone. You’ve made us smile with all of your cuteness, you weren’t with us that long and we will miss you so much.

    My heart goes out to your beautiful pack, I’m so sorry.

  3. zThe treasured meomories of those hotos wiil help reminfpd yoj of the charmed life Honey had with you.

    It is sp panful forus when they get their wings. I know that Honey had t very best life any kitty could have during his tme with you and hs mates. He wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

    Yo are a vey special soul who has given the purrfect life to your feline family.

    Honey will always, always, always be tucked safely in your heart. The jy and love in all the wmderful pictures will remind you of a life well-lived…..and well-loved.

    Surrounding you with Honey’s eternal grace,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. My heart feels for you. What a very lucky kitty to be loved by you and now you have a very special guardian angel.

    Luanne and Spirit Shooter

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